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Feb 11

Bible Digs and Lapbooks in the Classroom


Each week's Bible Dig include Explorations that are specific to that week's memorized content. Often, the final product of the child's study is a lapbook. For more on lapbooks themselves, go to the post included in the Bible Quests at Home category of the forum, here.


When I do lapbooks in the classroom, I try to prepare and print as many materials as I can that the students will need prior to class time so that they aren't having to develop the lapbook on their own (we don't have enough time!). This cuts down on their creativity potential, but in a large group context, this isn't my greatest concern. Creativity isn't the primary value here - knowing God's Word is. If they want to be more creative, they can certainly take their projects home and do all that they wish.


If the students are particularly young, I will even cut out physical flaps and whatnot so that all that the students are doing is coloring and pasting their materials.

New Posts
  • We attempted to use our older kids (8-10 year olds) in our local church to help tell the story of Saul (see week 21's script). This methodology is especially useful in connecting older kids to the process and giving them a job (albeit a small one). We've done this at other times with good success It went okay, but I have a few tips if you ever choose to use this methodology. 1) Don't let them read the script cold. When we've had them practice beforehand, things go MUCH smoother, and there is less of a tendency to goof around up front. So, find a time beforehand that you can let the kids practice. 2) Lay out the expectations. Again, for less goofing. 3) Keep the content light and fun! This method works well when the script is fun rather than serious and dire!
  • This is an old training video from our home church back in 2014. While dated (and the Empower and Expedition phases are not named or articulated), it still is useful to see some of how the Equip phase can be utilized in a church setting.