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First steps

Begin your quest with the Equip Phase - make memorized knowledge of the Bible fun and effective!

Continue your journey in the Empower Phase - use Bible-study skill-building Exercises and comprehension-supercharging Explorations to develop great understanding.

Your older students will use Explorations to practice sharing and applying what they've learned about God's Word to a world in desperate need of God's Truth.

A First-Training Session for Bible Quest Teachers. Learn about the power and possibilities of memorized knowledge, and get some start-up practice to boot! Filmed fall 2021 at Evergreen Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

See Bible Quest classical methodology in action in a larger group setting.

* The blurry parts of the screen are intentional for the sake of the kids.

EQUIP Phase Songs


These four songs are from the first four weeks of the Old Testament kit. We've included some recommended actions to go with each one. Here's an article with more tips on teaching the Equip Phase.

Bible Quest OT Week 1Bible Quest
Bible Quest OT Week 2Bible Quest
Bible Quest OT Week 3Bible Quest