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Feb 11

OT Week 12 - The Exodus



As a group game, play Cross the Nile! Place the ‘Nile Tile’ sheets (with John 3:16 on them) on the ground and have the kids cross the river by putting their foot on each piece. Each time they put their foot on a new tile, they should say the word (or words) on the tile. The object is to get ALL of the students across.


CHALLENGE: After they’ve done it once, have them do this challenge version. Once a student has stepped on a tile, they may not take their foot off until another student puts their foot on that tile. IF THEY REMOVE THEIR FOOT SO THAT NO ONE IS TOUCHING THE TILE, the group leader(s) should remove the offending tile… now they must cross without it! (It is recommended that you put the removed tile with the next tile in the river, so that they can still remember to say the whole verse!)


Each Nile Tile sheet should have only ONE LINE from the following on it (for example, the first sheet has only "For God" on it):

  • For God

  • so loved

  • the whole

  • world that

  • He gave

  • His one

  • and only

  • Son, that

  • whoever

  • believes in

  • Him shall

  • not perish

  • but have

  • eternal life.

  • John 3:16

New Posts
  • There is an excellent video resource regarding the Israelite bondage in Egypt and the subsequent Exodus event entitled Patterns of Evidence: Exodus . While the actual documentary would be suitable for an Exploration for older students, they also have a series of videos for younger kids that covers much of the same material.
  • An excellent (and fun!) Exploration can be had by running a Biblical Character Interaction (see page 136 in your Bible Quest book) using Pharaoh as the Biblical Character. Whenever I've been Pharaoh, I always play him as overly grumpy and selfish, which the kids enjoy.
  • Here's a Hands-on Story script for puppets this week: Based on Lifeway Christian Resources Joshua and Caleb script, Worship Kidstyle Preschool Edition Summer 2012 Narrator’s poem parts based on material taken from Worship, The Word, and the Way at Resourcewell.org Spying out the Land Narrator: “Our story begins after the Israelites finally reached the Promised Land—the land God promised them a long time ago. Moses sent 12 men to spy out the land and report back.” (Poetry-sing-song) “Moses chose twelve good men. He sent them out to spy on the land. So, up into the hills they climbed. They picked tasty fruit and spied.” Joshua: Caleb, what did Moses tell us to do? Caleb: You know, Joshua. God told Moses to send 12 of our leaders to see what is in the land in Canaan. Canaan is where we are supposed to live, and God wants us to see it. Joshua: Wow, I am so excited! It has been a long trip from Egypt, and here we are, finally. Caleb: I know. Look how beautiful the land is! Did you see the grapes some of the men cut down? They were bigger than any I’ve ever seen! We can take it to show Moses and the people. Joshua: It seems like everywhere we look everything is large and good. Even the men are like giants. Caleb: [laughing] Yes, they are awfully tall. We must look like grasshoppers to them! Joshua: Yeah, grasshoppers with sharp, pointy teeth! Caleb: What? Joshua: I was making a joke that implied that our swords would be like little teeth while at the same time referencing a well-known Monty Python sketch. Caleb: Oh. Oh, I see. Joshua: It’s a joke. It’s funny. Caleb: No, no... I get it. Very humorous. Joshua: Yes. (awkward pause, Caleb coughs) Joshua: I'm not really afraid, though. Well, maybe a little at first. But, do you remember God's promises? He will be with us in battle, and these guys have no chance against the King of the Universe! Caleb: That’s right! I know we can take this land. And when it’s all ours, it will be great to settle down and stay in one place. Narrator: The spies returned home and stood before Moses and the people. Several of the spies told Moses bad, scary things about the Promised Land. Other Spy: I’m a spy, and I just wanted to say that the people in the Promised Land are HUGE! They’re GINORMOUS! We’re like grasshoppers, and they’re like… people squishing those grasshoppers! We’re like tiny little fun-sized candy bars next to their king-sized candy bars… and you know that if you offer a kid a choice between a fun-sized candy bar and a king-sized candy bar he’ll choose the king-sized every time! I mean what’s so fun about having less candy? That’s what I think! (pause) Also, I think we can’t conquer the Promised Land. Caleb: Hey, do you hear what the other spies are saying? Joshua: I agree… less candy is so not fun! Caleb: No! About us not being able to defeat the people in the land God promised us! Joshua: Oh, yeah! I can't believe it! Didn't they see what we saw? How amazing the land is? Caleb: They think we shouldn't go into the land because the people are so large. They are afraid. Joshua: But God promised to take care of us! He told us He is not with those people anymore and He has given this land to us! Why can't the other spies remember this? I’m sure the people will not listen to them. Caleb: I hope you’re right… Narrator (Poetry-sing-song): “The people forgot to trust the Lord; They were scared to hear the spies’ report. They grumbled now for they were afraid. God was angry to hear them complain.” Caleb: Listen. The people want to go back to Egypt! They are talking about choosing a different leader to take them back. What do you think Moses and Aaron will do? Narrator: Moses and Aaron fell to the ground after hearing the people grumble. Joshua: Look! Moses and Aaron are facedown on the ground! Narrator: Caleb and Joshua talked to the Israelites while Moses and Aaron prayed to God. Caleb: Oh, Israelites! This land we passed through is wonderful. It has much food, and everything we need. If God is pleased with us, He will bring us into the land. Joshua: Israelites, don't argue with God, and don't be afraid to go into this land! Other Spy: I disagree! I’m all kinds of frightened! Caleb: Quiet, you! God’s bigger than any of those people in the Promised Land! Joshua: Yeah! Narrator: God appeared to the people and talked to Moses. (Poetry-sing-song) The people feared giants in that new place, bigger and stronger, they feared. And the enemy walls they went so high, the Israelites all became skeered! God was angry the people didn’t trust, and so in the desert they’d wander, until one day when the old had passed away, and for God the people were fonder.” Caleb: God is angry that the people do not believe He will take care of them. Joshua: He says we will wander, or travel, for another 40 years before we can enter this land, because the people do not believe. We’re all going to die! Caleb: No, Joshua. He says only you and I will live until then. He says the others will get old and die and their children will be the ones to go with us into this great land. Joshua: I wish the other spies saw the land the same way we do. I wish they believed God would take care of us. Other Spy: Me too. (hangs head)