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Thoughts on Church Programming

Updated: May 25, 2022

These older Bible Quest musings all pertain to working in a programmed, classroom environment.

Wait a second... this actually works!

Posted on February 2, 2015 at 12:35 AM

I met with our Sunday School Coordinator the other day and we were discussing how my own oldest child (who is enrolled in a classical homeschool community) are REALLY beginning to blossom and see benefit now that she is REPEATING material that she learned three years ago when she first started! The memorization comes EASILY to her (and to me, too, even though I wasn't all that involved with what she was doing at the time!)! I encouraged our coordinator that we would start to see the REAL benefit of the classical (and just plain verbatim scripture memorization) model when we revisit the Old Testament in the Fall!

Kids and their God-Given Capabilities

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 2:40 PM

At our recent training for volunteers for the Bible Quest program at our church, we mentioned that we have the kids put the Bible Quest Review Card Game cards in chronological order. One of the volunteers looked up, amazed. "They can do that?" she asked. I have to admit that they aren't always perfect in how they put them together (we haven't done it that much in class), but they're getting better and better at it. The answer is "YES THEY CAN!" Kids absorb information during the grammar stage of learning at a CRAZY pace (just consider how quickly they learn the English language from almost NOTHING)! God has designed humans to take in and memorize HUGE amounts of information in the younger ages... let's maximize that time by giving them God's Word verbatim and knowledge of the Bible!

Isn't this supposed to be... more difficult?

Posted on July 6, 2014 at 1:55 AM

We had a new worker at our Bible Quest-based church program awhile back, and she asked, "Am I missing something? Isn't there supposed to be more to what we're doing?" I replied, "Nope! Isn't that great?!?!" She brightened up after that. The amazing thing is, without all the frills that we add into planning Bible lessons for our kids so that it looks somewhat analogous to a public school classroom, we are freed up to teach them about God's Word in ways that will stick in their minds! The little pieces ADD UP OVER TIME! Don't give up, and don't discount the small stuff! They add up to a great big picture! :)

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Nathan King
Nathan King
02 de mar. de 2019

Amy commented on June 7, 2016 the following:

This curriculum is exceptionally well done. I love that it fits into the classical model of educating children. I have been classically educating my children for the past 5 years now and can clearly see the results of using the classical model to help instill in children the necessary information they will need as they mature. This curriculum incorporates many aspects of learning into one. I love how it incorporates History (Biblical accounts) with Geography and also with hands on activities that keep the student engaged. The instructions at the beginning help to ensure proper use of the materials and each week's lessons are clearly set up to help promote discussion and…

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