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Preparation Part 1: Powerful Teaching Begins with Great Resources

Updated: May 25, 2022

This blog post is the first of three articles that highlight how easily teachers can prepare their own Bible Quest classroom. Bible Quest is designed so that new teachers can prepare to teach quickly and easily. Complete, simple, step-by-step instructions can be found in the curriculum book, but here's a few notes highlighting how quick and easy classroom preparation can be with Bible Quest resources:

For the Equip Phase, the Bible Quest Review Card Game can be a fun, helpful resource for teaching or reviewing these facts. Beginning teachers will be well-prepared to teach the memory verse by merely listening to weekly Bible Quest Scripture song a few times. Printable Bible Quest maps, the Big Bible Story Song, and timeline poster are extremely useful tools for easily teaching geography and the Biblical timeline. Finally, fun Bible Quest review games can help teachers ensure that they are ready to maximize their classroom without any down-time. The Bible Quest curriculum book provides ten different methods to grapple with the task of memorization, and over a dozen enjoyable, engaging games.

When preparing for students in the Empower Phase, teachers can quickly select which of the ten Exercises and eight Explorations listed in the Bible Quest curriculum book to use. Explorations provide creative ways to engage in powerful, Bible-based conversations and activities that help to drive conversation. Exercises consist of simple practice drills, but produce tremendous aptitude in students as they hone their Bible study skills. Choosing Empower Phase options that students have not yet tried helps to introduce variety while broadening students' repertoire of Biblical study activities.

Older, more advanced students can benefit from rhetoric-level projects in the Expedition Phase. Expeditions are generally intended to be chosen by the student(s) when they are ready to share a particularly powerful Scriptural gem or lesson that they've gleaned from their studies. In this sense, the preparation for Expeditions simply comes from working with students in the classroom. Teachers and parents mentor their student through the Expedition Phase until they are ready to present their hard work to others as a song, sermon, work of service, written composition, or other sharing method listed in the Bible Quest curriculum book.

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Trent Riley
Trent Riley
Sep 19, 2021

Loved readinng this thank you

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