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Preparation Part 3: Preparation Gets Even Easier

Updated: May 25, 2022

When it gets right down to it, Bible Quest need not be a complicated affair. As a teacher gains familiarity with Bible Quest and understands how to use their tools, preparation becomes less of a necessity. In the Equip Phase, for example, even if the instructor has not prepared kinesthetic actions for their students to use during memorization, the kids can help to generate them as a part of the class. Indeed, this may even be more beneficial in the right context! (See the article on "The Resource Conundrum".) Kids can also choose silly voices to use or even help select the Bible Quest review games they want to play, and teachers can choose to merely facilitate the process. As long as the teacher has their tools at-hand, the Equip Phase is a breeze!

The Empower Phase likewise does not typically require much preparation. Most Explorations or Exercises can be run simply by instructors that have access to the curriculum book, timeline, and review cards. Of course, there are Exploration options that require more logistics and supplies (like the "Bible Dig Explorations" found as an option in each week's lesson) but teachers can choose to use them when they feel they are warranted. Bible Quest provides a chart to help track the progress of students as they try out various Explorations. The chart also helps to track Exercises in the program, and most Exercises require very little materials to accomplish. Teachers can easily see what Explorations and Exercises their students have completed and have their curriculum book on hand to help them model how to tackle the next activity on the list.

The Expedition Phase for older students is less about process and more about relationship. It's true that individual Expeditions can be prepared for in advance if the instructor has a specific goal or project idea in mind. However, a good mentoring relationship is far more important to help teachers decide which type of the eleven Expeditions included in Bible Quest would best serve their students.

Pressureless Preparation

The classical model of teaching embeds the program of study within the teacher's tools and the program's content. Teachers gain aptitude in teaching the classical model as they use it, making easy classroom preparation even simpler over time. This is not to say that teachers cannot prepare occasional, special lessons for their students when teachers feel that it is important. Neither should anyone treat the teaching of God's Word as an opportunity to be lazy. However, it is helpful to know that well-designed classical curricula and classical educational tools can equip incredible Biblical educators that experience less pressure in their classroom preparation.

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