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Feb 12

Second Edition Errata


This is a list of errors found in the second edition.


Old Testament: Maps

There was an omission from the 4th map in the series: Moab. It should be placed just to the east of the Dead Sea and just south of where Samaria's borders end in Map 5 (just for reference). Here is a corrected map:


Old Testament: Week 1

On the right-hand page in the title area, the book says "John the Baptist." While we appreciate John's significant, faithful contributions to the Kingdom of God, in no way should it be understood that he was involved in the act of Creation. This is found in both the Classic and KJV only editions. The title is a mistake and should read, "Creation."


Old Testament: Week 19

We have found an error on week 19 in the WHERE section. Ruth is NOT from Midian, but from Moab (as the WHO section correctly says). The WHERE should read "Israel, Moab (Map 4)." A corrected page is included below.


Old Testament: Week 29

We didn't put the correct question in the "What?" section of this week. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here is a corrected page for your use:



Old Testament: Week 37

Apparently, the Deeper Questions were not placed on Week 37. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here is a corrected page for your use:



New Posts
  • The following is a list of errors found in the First Edition of Bible Quest. Bible Quest Review Card Game The Bible Quest Review Card Game has an error on the Abraham card in the lower-right-hand corner. It spells 'Iraq' with a 'g' instead of a 'q.' Week 10 On week 10's page, the 'WHEN' section lists Joseph as 'JOSEPH' rather than as 'PATRIARCHS'. The reason for this was to help children understand the transitional nature of Joseph's story, from the Patriarchs into the time of Slavery in Egypt. However, this is not in the Big Bible Story Song. So, in order to maintain consistency with the song, a corrected page is below: Week 38 A change to the WHO section: Mordecai is Esther's COUSIN, NOT her UNCLE as the printed version states. Correction below: Week 40 The Malachi page in the first printing of Bible Quest has an error on it. Instead of saying "Malachi" for the title of the "WHO?" section, it says, "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." Here is a copy of what the page SHOULD look like: