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Thank you for requesting a sample! Begin by downloading the Homeschool 4-week Sample to the right.


Note that the sample materials are based on the actual curriculum, and so references page numbers from that product.

These instructions are for the Homeschool sample materials. Scroll down for a special word for Church Program samples.

The EQUIP Phase

Build Biblical knowledge using fun elements like music, games, and maps! Follow the instructions on the sample pages 8-9 and watch the video to the right.

Maps begin on page 22 of the sample.


Scroll down on this web page to access the EQUIP Phase songs for these weeks.


Develop student understanding through Explorations and Exercises. Explorations involve questions and activities that help students think Biblically. A Bible Dig Exploration is included for each week of sample material.


Exercises provide practice using Biblical information with speed and accuracy. Though many more options are included in the full program, use the review games starting on page 20 of the sample materials to accomplish this goal.


Help students of the Bible develop wisdom by using what they know and understand to communicate Biblical truth to others. Though many more are included in the full program, each week of sample material includes Deeper Questions to start great conversations or serve as journaling opportunities for your most advanced students.


4-week Sample​

EQUIP Phase Songs


Use these four songs for each of your four sample weeks. We've included some recommended actions to go with each one. Be sure to bookmark this hidden page so you can access these materials again and again!

Bible Quest OT Week 1Bible Quest
Bible Quest OT Week 2Bible Quest
Bible Quest OT Week 3Bible Quest
Bible Quest OT Week 4Bible Quest


Download the Church Program sample file by clicking on the icon to the right. The song player for the sample file can be found underneath the file icon.

The Church Program contains 80 weeks of material that is nearly identical to the Old Testament and New Testament homeschool kits.


The Church Program comes in a handy binder (not a bound book) and includes the perpetual benefit of rights to reproduce Bible Quest MP3s for the church's families. No listening CDs are included, but other resources to increase your learning environment are provided as well. 


Church program digital resources include:

  • program training videos

  • reproducible maps, verse action sheets, and printable parent tri-folds to send home with your students

  • reproducible verse songs for your congregation

Church Program Sample

Week 22 - David (KJV)Bible Quest